APSA advocacy provides you with help as an employee of SFU. Our Advocacy Committee, Executive Director and Executive Assistant handle countless questions covering everything from our AD 10 policies to more complex issues in the workplace.

All communication with APSA is confidential, and any workplace-related questions or concerns are welcome.

If you are experiencing an issue with your employer and are in need of assistance, please contact us to book a confidential advocacy appointment (avass@apsacentral.ca). You will be assigned to one of our advocates to help address your concern or answer your question.

We should be your first call if you have a workplace question or concern on your terms and conditions of employment, including:

  • Need for Representation
  • Bullying/Harassment
  • Conflict in the Workplace
  • Disciplinary Meetings
  • Investigations
  • Sick Leave
  • Other kinds of Leaves from the Workplace
  • Return to Work
  • Probationary Letters and Reviews
  • Work-from-Home arrangements
  • Preparing for a difficult conversation with a supervisor or colleague
  • Required documentation to help address workplace issues or leave
  • Before signing termination, appointment, or disciplinary letters

Ways to Reach Us

Here are the various ways to contact the APSA Office:

1. Call the office at 778-782-5423

2. Email the office at avass@apsacentral.ca