Committees are where the action happens; where decisions are made that affect all APSA members. They're volunteers from within the APSA membership and they work to provide leadership, governance and management for our Association. 

APSA Committees

The Board of Directors serve members by providing leadership and direction to APSA staff and APSA committees. Board members are elected by the APSA members for a three-year term.

Assists and advises APSA members on their rights and entitlements (according to the AD 10 Policies) and with work-related problems. The Committee provides representation as observers and advisors in disputes with the University, educates APSA members with regard to SFU policies, deals with grievances and consults with legal counsel when necessary.

Responsible for overseeing the financial affairs of the Association. The committee works closely with the Executive Director and financial advisors as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.

NADC identifies and recruits potential members for all of APSA’s committees, including the Executive and for various representative positions on University committees. The Committee also oversees and assists in APSA election and selection procedures.

Working with other employee group pension committees and the University, this Committee develops recommendations to change the Pension Plan text and/or its administration, as required. They also provide pension information to the Executive Committee and develop educational material for members about their plan.

This Committee advises the Executive Committee on matters related to APSA members' total compensation package. They prepare initial positions for compensation negotiations with the University and make recommendations to the Executive regarding the creation of negotiating teams.

The Committee reviews all aspects of “total compensation” of APSA members including: pay, health and welfare benefits, hours of work, pensions and any other perquisites in addition to considering the policies and practices of the University in relation to the foregoing.

Working closely with the Advocacy and the Joint University Association Committee (JUAC), UAC ensures the AD 10 Policies are kept current, reviews grievances and issues brought forward by members.

Joint Committees

Joint University Affairs Committee
Kris Nordgren
Pat Graca

Joint Compensation Review Committee
David Agosti
Keith Horne

University and Other Committees

Board of Trustees
Jovica Miodragovic, APSA rep

Board of Govenors
Martin Mroz, Staff Rep

Human Rights Policy Board
Carolyn Hanna, Staff Rep